Volume 47, No. 2

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The status and history of the Black Tern Chlidonias niger in Chile




MARÍN, M. 2019. The status and history of the Black Tern Chlidonias niger in Chile. Marine Ornithology 47: 185 - 187

Received 09 December 2018, accepted 23 April 2019

Date Published: 2019/10/15
Date Online: 2019/06/22
Key words: Black Tern, Chlidonias niger, southern distribution, Chile


Three Black Terns Chlidonias niger were observed and photographed in northern Chile in November 2018. Here, I summarize the occurrence of this species in Chilean territory and clarify the record for a specimen collected in 1859 during the Novara expedition: a typo in the original report led to a series of transcription errors that were perpetuated for ~150 years.


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